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    Problems with Import

    I am trying to make a second copy of one of my Scoreboards so I can test out some changes to it, and after creating a new Scoreboard, I get the following when I try to import the json file. An error was encountered while importing page: 912E64E650 Please enter a value for the required field...
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    Video Tutorial - Timers, Countdowns and Stopwatches

    How can you integrate this with a Streamdeck? I tried to use the toggle on count_s, but when I turn the timer back on it seems as if the timer has been running the whole time (i.e. if I had the timer off for 10 seconds (at say 12:13), and start the timer again, instead of a new timer starting...
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    Planned Challonge Integration

    This would be a very helpful addition. Just putting in my +1 vote for this feature.
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    Implemented HTML/CSS/JS Version Control

    Adds more value to my license, and am very thankful for this feature. Thank you.
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    Count Down Timer???

    Sorry, have been offline for a while. Here is the script. var timer_int = null; if (docData['timer_1'] == true) { var timer_cnt = parseInt(docData['timelimit_1']) * 60; updateTimer(timer_cnt); $('body').queue(elemShow('.timer')); this.timer_int = setInterval(function...
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    Count Down Timer???

    Thank you for taking a look at this, and fixing it. It is working as expected.
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    Count Down Timer???

    I made you an editor of the package if that helps.
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    Count Down Timer???

    I'm not putting this in as a feature request, as I don't think this is something that should be supported, but I am asking for help anyways. In the desktop version of Scoreboard Assistant there was the option to create timers, which we used heavily in our streams. With the new online version...
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    Implemented Default value for a score in a Scoreboard Row after a reset

    Upon further testing/investigation, it works as expected on a new package, but on existing packages it is not working.
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    Implemented Default value for a score in a Scoreboard Row after a reset

    I see that the field to set a default value has been added, but when I add a reset score button to my streamdeck, they are still reset back to 0 instead of the default value.
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    Scoreboard Assistant Android App Now Available!

    Any chance of an Apple version?
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    Implemented Default value for a score in a Scoreboard Row after a reset

    It would be very helpful if it was possible to have the Players Score in a Scoreboard reset to a specific value when you reset the scores. I use them for a count down for a players life, and so having them reset to 0 isn't very helpful.