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    Firebase and Scoreboard Page Javascript

    Hey! I'm working on some API stuff for my scoreboard and I can get the information to update locally by manipulating docData... but the text fields remain unchanged and sometimes glitch my code. How can I take the data I am manipulating inti docData and have it kick back to the cloud and update...
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    Temporary/Limited Access for Assistants

    I'm often running around dealing with a great number of things during my tournaments and I've started having people assist me. Having the ability to let someone (like my commentators who are actively watching the match on stream) assist me in making sure the scores and names are correct would be...
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    Making an image Invisible

    Been scratching my head over how to make an Image invisible til needed, and then when it appears how to make it refresh the animation. It's an .apng that only runs once, and when it reappears I'd like it to run again. Kinda emulating your 8wr animation for the nameplates at the top of a...
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    Animated Image Refresh

    Hey Jaxel, or anyone who can help :) I've created my own animated nameplates in Photoshop.. the tutorial was great in introducing a way to have them stylishly drop from above. How can I have the image start invisible, vanish and reappear starting the animation over in a similar manner? (also...
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    Rejected Support for APNG?

    any hope for support on APNG through your uploads? Not really important because linking from outside works just fine.