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    TSV Aufderhöhe - Sport-Livestream Scoreboard

    Nice setup @tsvaufderhoehe :) What have you guys used for the graphics when you show the players before the match?.
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    Planned Challonge Integration

    @Jaxel I love your system :-), any update on this Challonge integration?, it sounds amazing
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    Implemented Access data from other pages

    I've fixed it :-), odd thing. Seemd like it wouldn't show anything, unless there was other content on the page.
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    Implemented Access data from other pages

    So, i tried this, but nothing is instered in to my div with the id "spillereHer" - Just a blank page :( packageDb.collection('5D3ADA6620').doc('fields').onSnapshot(function(docRef2) { if (docRef2.exists) { docData2 = docRef2.data(); console.log("Retrieving data: "...