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    TSV Aufderhöhe - Sport-Livestream Scoreboard

    @skandis It's a full streaming package from envato. Here is the link: https://elements.envato.com/de/sports-pack-VUHMVG6 If you need more information, give me a shared folder ;)
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    TSV Aufderhöhe - Sport-Livestream Scoreboard

    TSV Aufderhöhe 1877 Stream TSV Aufderhöhe streams its handball-matches live due corona on facebook and twitch. Streaming-Software: OBS Studio. For the scoreboard we use 8wr.io Links: https://www.facebook.com/tsvaufderhoehe/ Example: The scoreboard should be improved and extended from game to...
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    Implemented New Area: Show your work

    Would you please open an area where users can show each other their implementations? Like code-snippets?
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    Watch-Settings in StreamDeck-Plugin

    Would you please integrate Buttons for Stopwatch and Countdown in your StreamDeck-Plugin? 1.1 Individual Timer Start OR Pause OR Reset a special timer Add OR Reduce a special timer by 1 sec./min./hrs. 2. General Timer - Start OR Pause OR Reset all timers Thanks a lot!
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    Video Tutorial - Timers, Countdowns and Stopwatches

    Would you please integrate Countdown and Stopwatch in your StreamDeck-Plugin?
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    Implemented Color picker Type Variable

    Great work, thank you! Would you please explain, how to embed this in css? I would like to use the color as background of a div or span to show the jersey color next to the team name. Unfortunately I have not found how to simply include a variable in css. Thanks a lot!