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    8wr.io Moves Out of Beta... But Remains Free For Now!

    Hi, we love working with your site. Great stuff. We did see at one point an error about some quota that was exceeded, any idea if this can have anything to do with that firecloud quota? We're rather intensively making use of your site until this Sunday...
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    Can I embed a page in another website?

    Hi, Thanks! Any possibility to support https? The webbuilder I'm using does not allow embedding http sources :-(
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    Implemented Copy page

    Would be handy if a page including its fields & code could be copied to a new page within the same package, so we can reuse the underlying code. Could that be added?
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    Can I embed a page in another website?

    I would like to embed the page browser source in another website, is this somehow possible?
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    Rejected Auto save feature

    Because I would want to scores to be updated live during the match, so once for each point scored by a player, hence 150 times. ctrl+s is indeed a handy shortcut.
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    Rejected Auto save feature

    Well, racketlon is a game which is going to 21 for 4 sets. So a close match often implies 150 points (e.g. 21-18, 16-21, 10-21 & 19-21) which implies 150 times hitting save.. Seems like something I would want to avoid :-)
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    Rejected Auto save feature

    I've been playing around in the web version for the better part of the day, this really shows a lot of potential! I would like to use this to livestream a sports tournament (Racketlon), including scoring. It sure looks very promising, but I do have one question; How are users supposed to enter...