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  1. TrashTalk

    Issues with the streamdeck plugin

    Ji Jaxel, We are experiencing issues with the streamdeck plugin. Every time we have to reinstall the plugin and reconfigure the buttons because we have this red alert on button (see picture...) Can you help us ???
  2. TrashTalk

    Scoreboards not previewing correctly on Firefox browser.

    No problem here with firefox.
  3. TrashTalk

    Implemented Access data from other pages

    Hi Jaxel, Can you make a tutorial for this feature please. Or just a more complete example because i don't manage to make it works. Just an error message in the debug console : docData2 is not defined :(
  4. TrashTalk

    StreamDeck / Amount of points

    I found something ! In the manifest.json of the stream deck button, just change direction":1 Love your work man. So much possibilities. ;)
  5. TrashTalk

    StreamDeck / Amount of points

    Hi, I simply love your work. Congrats, it rocks. I have a question, is it possible to modify by myself the amount of points in the stream deck application in order to have for example a button to add 1 point, a button to add two, three…? Thanks again for your work !!!