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    Getting your scoreboard into streaming software

    HI, Is browser source + chroma key the only viable solution we have to getting the scoreboards into streaming software? OBS's chroma key isn't that great and leaves either a blurred edge or a bit of the key colour showing, is there any way in CSS or otherwise to tell the background to be...
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    Custom Fonts

    Is there any way to get custom fonts into to use in the CSS?
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    Implemented HTML/CSS/JS Version Control

    Any chance we could get some sort of git import/export on the package and page code? I'd like to be able to backup and version control my scoreboards without having to manually copy/paste everything.
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    Implemented External Access to modify Fields via API

    Hi, I'm looking to make my own all-in-one streaming control panel with everything possible integrated. To this end I'm looking for a way to send updates to my scoreboard from outside the site. This would allow me to integrate Scoreboard Assistant into things like Stream Decks or...