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Managing state between `docData` updates


New member
Is there a way to have access to the previous docData state alongside the new current docData state? If not, is there a way to write to the scoreboard fields through the page JS?

I'm trying to make a scoreboard that keeps track of the time between turns; if that ends up too difficult, I'd be happy with just tracking the number of points scored between turns. I manually manage whose turn it is by flipping between options in a select menu and I'd prefer not to need to do more since turns will change fairly frequently. Of course, I could manually stop and start a timer or manually count the points scored, but it would be far better to be able to do that through code.


New member
Replying a bit late, but you can just store the state of your docData to another variable in the package javascript file as this file won't get reloaded when you get new docData