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Implemented Timers (Chrono Up, Chrono Down, etc.)


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Hello there Jaxler!

Really impressed by Scoreboard Assistant and I just stumbled on the online version. What I was missing is the timers tab from the desktop version, which would come in handy for managing speedrun marathons.

I would be grateful if you could add Chrono Up (count up), Chrono Down (count downs) as a new page option as well as an option to control multiple timers per runner as a bonus.

Thank you very much for this amazing resource!


Timers are a bit trickier in this version, since the scripting is remote, instead of local. When using the old version, it ran on your computer; so the timer can on your computer.

This new version runs in your browser; so the timer would run in your browser as well. If you refresh your browser window, your timer would get reset. Not to mention, there is no need to use a service to run a timer through a browser window, when you could just do it in JavaScript; which runs locally.

Managing a timer through the internet just seems like a bad idea.


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It's quite easy. You initialize the timer based on millisecond times for the start/end time. That way it survives refreshes.

E.g. 'start timer' logs the unix ms time it starts to db/cookies and duration / direction (count up/down) Then all you need to do is initialize the timer correctly on reload.

Probably wouldn't be accurate enough for speed runs (If controlling over a network / multiple pc's), but would be good enough for same machine / other things.