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    Jaxel's 2018 Scoreboard

    The teams are done through a variation of this:
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    Migration from original Scoreboard Assistant

    There is no importer from the old version. It's a completely different system.
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    OBS Not Showing Anything

    Did you watch the second tutorial video?
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    HTML Size

    The combined size of your HTML/JS/CSS can be up to 65,535 bytes, per page... that's pretty large. Can you PM me what you tried to input? I have just increased the limit to 16,777,215 bytes. Let me know of any issues.
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    Video Tutorial - Timers, Countdowns and Stopwatches

    You can embed multiple browser sources in a single scene.
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    Custom font support

    That means you don't allow cross-linking from your webservice.
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    Browser source comes up blank

    Do you have any code on your pages?
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    JS on page contrôle do not update my text

    It looks like you got it working.
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    Problems with Import

    Can you PM me your json file you are trying to import?
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    Audio Questions

    You can use javascript to play audio. But you'll have to host the audio on your own servers.
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    GIF Flickering

    The image is processed using PHP's ImageMagick. It's known to have problems with animated GIFs. Try imgur to store your images if absolutely necessary.
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    GIF Flickering

    It looks fine outside of the attachment window.
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    Implemented HTML/CSS/JS Version Control

    I realized that this feature makes it far too easy to skirt the Broadcaster License requirement. Therefore, I have put this feature behind the paywall. You must have a broadcaster license to use this feature now. Sorry.
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    Importing a list

    Ahh... you're trying to do line breaks in your fields, but HTML entities such as <br/> are being printed in plain text, instead of as HTML, is that correct? The code I included in my advanced scripting tutorial is designed to do exactly this: function elemUpdate() { return function (next) {...