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8wr.io Moves Out of Beta... But Remains Free For Now!


Just like all other versions of Scoreboard Assistant, I basically write this software for myself. Thankfully, you guys in the community get to benefit from my needs. This current version, uses a third-party service called "Google Cloud Firestore". Currently, we are running off the free version of this service; which means there is no real service cost to this website. And based on usage quotas from the past two weeks, and we'll be able to continue running off the free version. Which of course, means I don't really need to charge for this website at the moment. So I wont!

So for the foreseeable future, this website will remain free! As such, I have adjusted the account plans. With a basic account, you will be able to create ONE package completely for free; as well as upload images and generally use all the features of this website. If you would like more than one package, only then will you be required to upgrade to a Broadcaster License. If at any point, we get close to exhausting the usage quota of Google Cloud Firestore, I will re-assess these plans, but it doesn't look like that will happen anytime soon.

BTW... even though this platform is free, you are more than welcome to offer some sort of gratuity. If you want, you can subscribe to our Twitch stream! https://twitch.tv/8wayrun
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well done, your site is amazing and open a lot of possibility.

are you working on some template / example for each type of service ?


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Hi, we love working with your site. Great stuff.

We did see at one point an error about some quota that was exceeded, any idea if this can have anything to do with that firecloud quota? We're rather intensively making use of your site until this Sunday...
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We didn't hit any of the Firebase quotas. Next time you see the error, can you take a screenshot?