Rejected Automatic scoreboard updating


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I cast PUBG tournaments. I found your guides so useful I have little experience with code but I already feel confident I can set something up using your software.

The tournaments usually have 16-20 teams in one match with 4 players on each team it looks like the software can handle this but there is so much data to input manually I was wondering if I could use some other type of software to read off a screen capture.

There is a static scoreboard in spectator mode in the game so hopefully the software could read all the players and team names and update all the points in real time.

Do you think this is possible and could you steer me in the right direction as i'm not too sure what specifically I should be looking for.

Thanks in advance I really appreciate everything you are doing!


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@Jaxel They want to be able to do OCR (Optical Character Recognition) to fill fields / data automatically.

For PubG There is probably even an API they can use.