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Important change to "reset scores" and new "clear fields" buttons!


Due to a request for additional features, the way the "reset scores" button works has changed.

Request #20: A new "clear fields" button has been added. For any text field, select field or scoreboard field, you can now add a button that will clear all the values and reset them to empty. This button is available as an OPTION; and thus will not be shown by default. However, in order to facilitate this feature, the "reset scores" button on scoreboard fields has been tied into this option. Which means unless you enable this option, you won't see the "reset scores" button either.

Request #19: You can now set a "default score" on scoreboard fields. Previously, hitting the "reset scores" button would revert all scores to "0". Since some people use the scoreboards as count-downs, instead of count-ups, the reset button was counter-productive. Now you can define a starting value, and when clicking reset, the integer boxes will revert to that defined value.

In case you forget, editing these values and options can be found by clicking the edit button next to each field.