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Mixer is dead, Long Live Trovo!


Microsoft decided a few months ago that their investment into Beam (later renamed to Mixer) was coming to an end. As such, about two weeks ago, they shut the Mixer platform down completely. It's a shame, because I believe the advancement of Mixer was the only thing forcing Amazon to keep Twitch updated. Before Mixer was formed, Amazon had let Twitch languish, without any updates (not even SSL) for three years! With this shutdown, Mixer pages have been removed from all packages. They no longer serve a function.

However, with that, the Trovo platform is starting to pick up steam. As such, support for controlling your Trovo streams has been added as a page option. I am also working on adding support for DLive; but I've been trying to get developer access to their API for over a year and they still haven't processed my applications... so who knows!