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Providing text + images for Streamlabs to retrieve from web


New member
disclaimer: I know absolutely nothing about coding.

I've been using the previous SBA with streamlabs OBS to run our channel prior. I'm trying to shift over to this web-based SBA for several reasons (updating stream info from the event floor instead of running back to the stream setup sounds wonderful).

If i'm off-base here please correct me. From my understanding, I'm trying to have streamlabs retrieve web based information and display it on the streamlabs interface. For example: i put a player-tag or reference an image in the input fields and they are then "posted" (in a sense - bear with me) to the 8wr.io/scoreboard/source/key/key. How it's displayed visually is then through the coding (which i frankly want to avoid).

My question is this: Instead of doing the entire design part in coding, is it possible to simply retrieve the text/image outputs from the web so I can do graphic design w/o the CSS knowledge? Essentially the old SBA but referencing online sources instead of offline. I know it's severely underutilizing what you worked so hard on, but i'm just trying to get it to work with what I know.

Any help is appreciated.