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Setting up Scoreboard Assistant


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Hey there! I used to use the old scoreboard assistants, but they no longer seem to be working on OBS so it referred me to here. I've been trying for quite some time now to get it up and running but I seem to be running into multiple issues. For starters, on the "Versus" page as named in the video, whenever I press the "save" button my page refreshes completely and my entries are lost and just go to the database without actually updating values. I have attempted this via multiple browsers/devices/connections so the bug seems to be global or at least something wrong with my package. Second is I've copy-pasted all code directly from the video source and if I have "players" renamed to "player", I can get the scoreboard partially working but non-interactive with placement/animation, but when it is left as is "players" I can't seem to get the scoreboard to appear at all. Attached is the error I see on Chrome when the scoreboard appears blank. Would appreciate any help just to get it up and visible so I could work on the rest. Thanks in advance!


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